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Every business network is different, just as every network firewall security configuration is different. Our expert IT consultants understand that there is not one single solution for the optimal security setup for every company. We will work with your team to ensure that an effective, achievable strategy that is configured to your organization’s unique needs, operating systems, and application control protocols.

Firewall security solutions to protect your company from unauthorized access, breaches, and security attacks

Corporate firewall for virtual threat reduction

The internet has a myriad of content, many of which bring immediate benefits to the work, and others are unfortunately highly harmful to businesses. With a corporate firewall,it is possible to create access policies that minimize the damage caused by users who intentionally or accidentally access inappropriate content.

E-mails that have attachments with malicious content, or even URLs with malware and the like, can be avoided with the use of a corporate firewall. In these cases, when accessing a specific address, the user is prevented from proceeding with the connection, protecting their device.

Threat reduction offers a more complete and available environment, avoiding interruptions of activities by the action of viruses and derivatives, and may even affect the entire corporate network, compromising a larger number of employees and causing damages to the business.

Corporate firewall to increase availability

As the internet is increasingly a critical point in the companies, so the impossibility of using it, whether totally or partially due to slowness, has a direct impact on business.

With a slow internet, a process that could be accomplished in a few seconds can take minutes. With the lack of internet, some activities may not be carried out, such as access to internet banking, issuance of electronic invoices, as well as access to software and web applications, directly affecting the company’s daily activities.

corporate firewallhas the ability to better distribute and prioritize Internet use for what is important, balancing traffic between multiple internet links; in order to do automatic switching in case of a drop in links, among other facilities that directly affect availability bias.